Monday, August 08, 2005

All I need to know about Hal McRae

From the Post-Dispatch:

Cardinals hitting coach Hal McRae approached leadoff hitter David Eckstein
with a rhetorical question Sunday during batting practice: How many walks had he
had in the past 20 games?

Eckstein guessed four.

The answer was one.

"That," McRae said, "is the point."

At McRae's advice, Eckstein waited out pitches and didn't swing the bat
once in his first two plate appearances Sunday. For the day, he reached base
four times, doubling with his first swing and winning the game with its final

I'll let those words speak for themselves, since most of you reading this blog are already fans of plate discipline.

With a little luck, you'll see some posts from me this week. I'm hoping to do one on John Rodriguez, and at least one more in my (everlasting) series of trade evaluations.


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