Monday, May 02, 2005

Cardinals May Schedule

Even though one game has already been played in May, here is a quick breakdown of the opponents coming up the remainder of the month.

Based upon current won/loss records, the Cardinals only have two teams on their schedule in May with a winning record - The Dodgers at 16-8, and the Nationals at 13-12.

Four other teams on their schedule this month are currently within 4 games of the .500 mark - The Reds at 10-14, the Padres at 11-14, the Mets at 12-13, and the Phillies at 11-14.

The other three teams the Cardinals are playing this month are already looking towards 2006 - the Royals at 7-18, the Pirates at 8-15, and the Rockies at 6-16.

If you combine the winning percentages of all teams and weigh them to the number of times the Cards are scheduled to play them in May, the component winning percentage of the competition is currently at .452. Compare that to the "strength of schedule" so far this season, which is .497 heading into play today.

That's not to say that this month's schedule is going to be a cake walk, but on paper it appears to be easier than April. Especially the end of the month.

3 @ Kansas City (7-18)
3 vs. Pittsburgh (8-15)
3 vs. Washington (13-12)
4 @ Colorado (6-16)*

*Note - 2 of these games are played the 1st 2 days of June.

That two week stretch of games could provide a great opportunity for the Cardinals to pile up some wins. Of course, last year the Pirates swept the Cardinals in the middle of the season - so you never know!


At 11:13 AM, Blogger Radical Hapa said...

Glad you are keeping this blog, I read every post you write! Are there any group blogs for the St Louis Cardinals? Not just a lousy chat board but something more excellent?

At 11:24 AM, Blogger Robb said...

Check out the links to Cardinal blogs on the right hand column of this blog. Some of those are very good.

And if they dont' float your boat, all of them have links to even more blogs...

At 12:49 PM, Blogger Ryan said...

Quantity, not quality. That's the biggest down side to the Redbirds' May schedule. It's pretty travel heavy with only two days off.

Still...shouldn't be a huge problem.

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