Thursday, January 06, 2005

See how that works?

All I needed to do is post an article about the Cardinals not doing anything, and they turn around and sign Mark Grudzielanek to a rumored one year deal.

Grudzielanek - who may have to have a smaller font used on his jersey to get his last name on the back - is coming off of two solid years for the rival Cubs. Over those two seasons, he's hit .312/.361/.421, 782 OPS, posting OPS+ values of 106 and 96. His career OPS+ is 89, with him being at 80 or higher in each of the last 9 years (which is, all but his rookie season.) His career OBP is .330, but he has been at .347 or higher in each of the past two seasons.

More importantly for the Cardinals - Grudz is a steady defender. Over his career he has a 4.49 RF with a .983 Fielding Percentage at 2nd base. Both values are slightly better than league average during his career.

Grudzielanek should provide the Cardinals with a dependable glove and a solid but not spectacular bat. I suspect he'll be hitting 7th in the lineup, but you never know - he could end up hitting 1st or 2nd depending on the Look Tony is after. (I like Walker's OBP hitting 2nd, but that's just me.) Either way, he is a much better option as a starter than Alomar.


At 5:47 PM, Blogger Parker said...

I see the fielding stats, but Cub infielders are notorious for never really going after balls that aren't hit right to them..Case in point: Ryne Sandberg (the guy actually won a few Gold Gloves at 2B in Chicago and they only had to wash his uniform once a week)

As for Gritsalanuk's offense, let's not forget that he was hitting half the time in that matchbox of a stadium in stinkin' Chicago! The idiot Cub trainers screwed up his achilles last year also!

He may just turn out to be a dog ex-Cub infielder like Don Kessinger or Miguel Cairo. Ex-Cubs simply don't know how to win (case in point: Tavarez completely screwed up in the playoffs!)

I trust this Grits guy as much as I trust those boys from Southern Illinois who think they're Cardinals fans...not much.

Rolen (best 3rd baseman since Brooks Robinson, dude!)has enough range to cover most of the ground between 2nd and 3rd, so that Eckstein can shift almost directly behind second base, and Bo Hart (a true Cardinal!) should play every day!

At 7:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


is the same length as


Does Izzy have a smaller font? I didn't think he did, or had his name curved.

At 12:07 PM, Blogger jimrockford said...

Wow Parker...pretty tuf on Grudzielanek! Cubs can't win? What about Lou Brock? And Tavarez was the only Card to have a "meltdown"? I broaden the definition of "meltdown" as not performing up to their own personal standard, and/or not coming thru in the clutch.
So JT was not the only one.
Grudz won't have as good a year in 05 as Womack did in 04, but then again neither will Womack! Talk about hitting the crest of his own wave!!!


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