Thursday, January 27, 2005

Long Time No Blog

My, how time flies. Between nothing much going on in Cardinal country and that pesky job of mine that pays the bills, I've managed to go three weeks without posting an article. Of course, not much has happened since we last spoke.

The Cardinals signed a bunch of guys to minor league deals.

A new Cardinal blog stocked full of some great Redbird fans kicked off. I highly recommend it - it's a good group of guys.

Construction on the new ballpark is really picking up steam. Click here for some fairly recent pictures.

With Spring training right around the corner and most teams having their rosters set, I think I'm about ready to start breaking down the 2005 season. Most likely, I'll start out by comparing the teams in the NL Central on a fairly detailed basis over several days. Following that will be some less detailed talk of the NL as a whole, followed by some cursory AL talk. Hopefully by the time I get those posts completed we can start pouring through some Spring training stats.


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