Sunday, October 10, 2004

Sunday Thoughts

Just a few random, hit and miss comments from me this morning.

There were probably more positives in last night's games than negatives. Matt Morris really looked great. His fastball was hitting 94, and other than a couple of Shawn Green home runs, he kept things under control. I just hope the Cardinals didn't waste his "every other start." If he can pitch that well for the rest of the month, the Cards should advance far.

The offense wasn't exactly clicking last night, but you have to give credit to Jose Lima. He was really on. His antics tend to annoy me, but I honestly don't think he does that to get under the other team's skin - I think he's just excitable. Which is probably why he's so much better at home. I doubt road crowds give him much positive feedback....

Anyway, last night's game showed a couple of things. One, even the Cards offense can be shut down on a given night. Two, any pitcher can get hot and shut down another team. Three, anything can happen. Between Johan Santana and Jose Lima, which one would you have predicted to have had a complete game shutout last night?

For the record, 4 of the 5 hits the Cardinals had yesterday were provided by left handed batters.

Since I predicted the Cards would win the series in 4 games, I shouldn't be upset by yesterday's loss. With that being said - I always feel bad after a loss. Especially when the Cards could have had 3 day's off before the NLCS.

The Astros are going with Clemens today on 3 day's rest. Over his career, he is 6-4 when working on short down time. I have to say - if the Astros make it to the NLCS and only plan to use Clemens, Oswalt, and Backe in the rotation, it should play into the Cardinals favor.

Let's hope the Braves win today. If that happens, the Astros will either have to pitch Oswalt on 3 day's rest on Monday, or use a 4th starter in Game 1, which they don't seem to think they have. Either way, if Houston manages to advance having to play on Monday, they would either have to go with Backe on 3 day's rest, or someone else (Pedro Munro?) Up 2 games to 1, I don't agree with them going with Clemens on short rest today. It doesn't seem to put them in a good situation for the next round, should they make it.

All in all, I still think the Cardinals will win today. It's just amazing how much better the following day goes when you win 8-3 rather than losing 4-0.


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