Monday, October 11, 2004

Scott Rolen

Rolen has now had 10 games played since coming back from his injury - 6 in the regular season, 4 in the playoffs. I'm sure you noticed that he didn't have a single hit in the NLDS. But the fact is, he really hasn't been hitting since the injury.

Over 30 at-bats (40 plate appearances) he's hitting .100 with a .325 OBP, .233 SLG. Over those 10 games he scored 3, driven in 3, and struck out 7 times. Only two bright spots have taken place in those games - 10 walks drawn, giving him marginal value, and a home run off of Roger Clemens.

Rolen seems to have gotten some good hacks here and there during the playoffs, so there is still hope that he's just not quite dialed in yet. Of course, even if he does get dialed in, he is not as quick running the bases as we are used to. While I don't think Rolen needs to sit in favor of Mabry - that's a tad bit nuts - I am starting to wonder if Rolen should be moved a little lower in the lineup for the rest of the year.


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