Friday, October 01, 2004

Playoff Rotation

I'm glad I put so much effort into my potential playoff pitching pairings yesterday, only to have Matt Morris look horrible last night.

Seriously - is he hurt or not? Having skipped a start, and getting to face a weak Milwaukee offense, Morris had a shot to give himself, his teammates, and Cardinal fans confidence in his ability to make post-season starts. Instead, he was tagged for 4 first innings runs, and a total of 6 over just 4 innings pitched. Tony La Russa appeared to be ready to allow Morris to start Game 1 of the playoffs before yesterday. Hopefully, Plan B is in motion.

At this point, I think I would seriously consider leaving both Carpenter and Morris off of the playoff roster. Let the rotation be Woody, Marquis, Haren, and Suppan. Haren probably wouldn't be able to go much deeper than 5 or 6 innings in a start, but with the Cards bullpen it wouldn't matter. Especially considering that leaving Morris off the roster would add Al Reyes into the mix, making the bullpen even deeper.

La Russa is loyal to his players, which is usually good. But sometimes it's a fault. If Morris still gets the start in Game 1 after being the worst starter all year, combined with last night's outing? Well, let's just say that I wouldn't be thrilled to see Morris take the mound either in the 1st game, or even scarier - a series deciding Game 5, which he would be due to start as well.


At 3:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I still hold out some hope that Morris' problem was rust from the extra rest. Here's his three Game Scores against the Giants and Dodgers this year: 74, 5, 94. Who knows what we'll get. I've given up trying to analyze it. (His GS's vs. Atlanta & Houston: 60, 66, 60, 44, 62 -- not quite so inconsistent; even the 44 game we somehow won.)
All in all though, unless someone starts on short rest (or Suppan goes, which is not a great plan either), I have a fear that Morris is locked into Game 1, for better or for worse.

And FWIW, Marquis is I believe scheduled to pitch Saturday now; I'm not sure if that was originally intended. If so, then maybe he's in line to pitch Game 2.


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