Tuesday, September 28, 2004


I realize that I am only regurgitating information that can be found elsewhere on the web. However, since I had posted about Matt Morris having another start skipped last night - several people brought it up last night on the broadcast, including Joe Strauss of the Post-Dispatch as well as Al Hrabosky - I thought I should acknowledge the fact that this may have been incorrect.


Matt Morris is now slated to start on Thursday, which is a good sign. In fact, the rotation currently shapes up as (according to the Post-Dispatch):

Tuesday - Dan Haren
Wednesday - Jeff Suppan
Thursday - Matt Morris
Friday - unknown
Saturday - Jason Marquis
Sunday - unknown

I suspect that there was confusion last night when Tony told someone that there would be 3 more "bullpen starts." Someone did the math and assumed that they were skipping Morris, when in fact they are simply giving the starters extra days off.

Tony Womack

His hand was bruised, not broken, and Womack says that if tonight were a playoff game, he'd be playing. That's a good sign.

Steve Kline

Kline threw in the bullpen each of the last 2 days, and plans on getting into some games over the weekend. If Kline has been pitching through this finger injury for the last several months, as some reports have suggested, then it's possible that he will be as effective as he was before the groin injury.

Chris Carpenter

It now sounds as if it is highly unlikely for him to pitch in the NLDS. I still think he's done for the year, but I am not an expert, nor privy to any inside information.


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