Thursday, September 09, 2004

Power Rankings

I have recommended the Diamond-Mind weblog to many people. I especially enjoy their power rankings, which come out roughly once a month. Keep in mind when you look these over that DMB was one of the few outlets that actually picked the Cards to win the NL Central. Of course, the Cards are playing better than they or anyone else expected.

DMB Power Rankings

Here are the specific comments on the Cardinals, who are ranked 1st for the 3rd time in a row.
1. St. Louis Cardinals (previously 1st, 92-44, +194 runs, +433 TBW) -- Looking like the odds-on favorite to advance to the World Series and perhaps win it all. Now 38-11 since the All-star break. The offense, which was projected to be the league's second-best, has exceeded our forecast by 30 runs. We figured the pitching would be just good enough to allow the Cards to win the division in a close race, but they've allowed fewer runs than any other NL team and 81 fewer than we projected to this point. The staff, helped by a good defense, is in the top three in both starter or reliever ERA.

I would also like to point out something that Tom brought up in his Cubs comments:

Before the acquisition of Nomar Garciaparra, opponents compiled an in-play batting average of .289 against the Cubs. Since then, it has been 28 points worse. No one fielder can account for a shift of that magnitude, so I'm not suggesting that Nomar is the sole reason for this change. He may be part of the problem, but the pitchers, the other fielders, park effects, and luck are also involved.

Not only have the Cubs allowed more unearned runs since Nomar, but they have allowed a higher average on balls in play. It will be interesting to see if the defensive trend continues.


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