Monday, September 27, 2004

Oswalt Pitching Hurt

Tonight's starter for the Astros, Roy Oswalt, is going to be working through some pain tonight according to the Houston Chronicle If you scroll down to the bottom of that article, you'll see:

Roy Oswalt, who will take the mound tonight against the Cardinals hoping to become the National League's first 19-game winner this season, hasn't decided how he will combat the pain in his left Intercostal muscle.

Oswalt has taken two cortisone shots this year, the last being in the final week of August. Doctors don't recommend taking cortisone shots less than six weeks apart, which is why Oswalt took an injection of tordol before his start Wednesday.

Oswalt lost that game 5-1 to the Giants, giving up 10 hits and five runs over 5 2/3 innings.

"I just have to pitch," said Oswalt, who has started a team-high 33 games and has thrown a team-high 223 innings.

He and NL Cy Young Award favorite Roger Clemens, 42, are the only Astros pitchers who have remained in the rotation all year.

Barring complications, Oswalt has two more starts in the regular season. A victory today would tie his career high, which he set in 2002.

"We're going to do something (to alleviate the pain in his side)," he said. "We'll do something for sure. I don't know if it will be the same (tordol). I don't know."

While I respect a guy wanting to help his team win, you have to be concerned about the long term effects of a pitcher taking the mound with the effects of pain killers in his arm.


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