Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Not what I wanted to hear

From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch:

"I'd say the tendon is more of a problem now than the groin," Weinberg said. "His groin is improving."

Weinberg called Kline's condition a partially torn flexor tendon. A pending free agent, Kline has experienced problems with the finger the past two seasons, but a magnetic resonance imaging test recently found that the tendon is about 70 percent torn. The condition is considered serious enough that it could jeopardize the durable Kline's availability for the first playoff round.

Tuesday's throwing was put off when Kline arrived at Miller Park with the digit swollen, painful and difficult to bend. Kline tossed on Monday but said he later had excruciating pain.

"It feels heavy," Kline said. "After a couple pitches it starts to feel a little better, (but) it feels like I have no control over the ball when I throw. That's not something you want to be dealing with this close to the playoffs."

Sounds to me as if Kline is a long-shot for at least the NLDS, if not the playoffs. Ankiel or Flores?


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