Friday, September 03, 2004

The Last Seven Days

I wrote my last article on Pujols, knowing in the back of my mind that Edmonds had been a stud over the last week as well. I had no idea that he had actually been better. (It doesn't even seem like that would be possible.)

Edmonds, also getting a day off over the last week, has hit .563/.619/1.750 over 5 games, giving him a 2369 OPS. Yes, an OPS that looks like recent history is awesome. An OPS that looks like a year in which Captain Picard is alive? (Note: I have no idea what year "The Next Generation" takes place, nor did I feel like looking it up.) Edmonds hit 6 home runs over those 5 games, scoring 8 and driving in 13 runs. 13 RBI over 5 games! And this guy is supposedly the 3rd best hitter on this team.

A few other guys have been doing ok the last week as well.

Sanders - 5 games, .467/.500/1.067, 1567 OPS
Rolen - 6 games, .389/.560/.778, 1338 OPS
Walker - 5 games, .250/.318/.650, 958 OPS

When you have guys putting up numbers like that, it's hard not to win. I so look forward to October if this offense continues to fire on all cylinders.


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