Wednesday, September 08, 2004

In Game Update (9-8)

So Taguchi is starting today and leading off. I don't mind Taguchi getting playing time down the stretch, because I'm hoping he re-gains his splits against left handed pitchers.


vs Left - .250/.280/.329, 609 OPS, 76 at-bats
vs Right - .313/.338/.469, 807 OPS, 64 at-bats


vs Left - .324/.390/.486, 876 OPS, 37 at-bats
vs Right - .250/.294/.500, 794 OPS, 32 at-bats

Of course, when you note that his 876 OPS over the last two years was only over 37 at-bats, I think we can safely say that his 2004 numbers are probably more of an indicator of what we can expect. And what is that? Well, we shouldn't expect So to contribute much with his bat against left handed pitchers.

Of course - how many days off do you expect Edmonds, Walker, or Sanders to want/need in October?


At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interesting timing for So to hit a homer off of a lefty.

- Robb


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