Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Bad News Edition

I'm a pretty positive guy, more often than not. When it comes down to it, my glass is usually half full. But, sometimes we have to discuss the other side of the coin.

This morning, a couple of items come to mind.

First, the news that isn't too hard to swallow. It looks as if Larry Walker is going to miss the San Diego series, and potentially the Los Angeles series as well. When Walker came over, we knew his health was the biggest issue. And while I would like to see the Cards take on potential playoff teams at full strength, this is something that the team can deal with. They did, after all, have the best record in baseball without Walker. As long as he's healthy come October (Note to Larry: Avoid automatic tarps and gift hunting knives) then I am fine.

Second, the harder news to swallow. Courtesy of the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

Ankiel, warming for the first time since his Sept. 1 promotion, skipped two of five pitches then sat down.

Not the kind of thing we wanted to see this morning. I really wish Tony had allowed Ankiel to pitch over the weekend, at home. I am no expert on this subject - and who is? - but it seems to me that the longer they wait to bring him in, the more it is going to be on his mind. And let's be honest - they've given him almost four years to come back from his initial bout of wildness. The kid gloves should probably come off. If he can handle the pressure, then he can handle it regardless of if it's the beginning of an inning, men are on base, home, or away. The longer LaRussa puts off letting him pitch, the higher the pressure is going to get. Let's hope he gets to pitch soon before the national media starts following him around again.


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