Thursday, September 23, 2004

100 Wins

For just the 7th time in team history, and the first time in 19 years, the Cardinals have had a 100 win season. Yes - there are college sophomores that weren't alive the last time the Cards reached the century mark.

Of the previous 6 Cardinal squads to reach 100 wins, 3 of them "only" won 101 games. The other three teams won 105 games twice, and 106 once. With 10 games remaining, 105 wins is the absolute minimum number I see this team finishing with. Consider the schedule.

3 @ Colorado
3 @ Houston
4 vs Milwaukee

Considering how brutal Colorado and Milwaukee have been lately, and that the Astros may be eliminated by next week, the Cardinals have a great shot at 107 wins, depending on the return of Rolen and the rest required for the rest of the team.

As a side note, Izzy recorded his 45th save today. It's not impossible to imagine him reaching 50 saves at this point. Not bad for a closer that isn't "dominant."


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