Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Return of Calero

Last night Kiko Calero pitched 2 perfect innings for Memphis, striking out 5 batters in the process. Looks like the Cardinals top-notch bullpen is about to get back a key piece of the puzzle. I listed OPS allowed in a previous column, but just look at these ERA's.

Kline 1.86
Tavarez 2.55
King 2.55
Isringhausen 2.57
Calero 3.31
Eldred 3.46

That is a tough - and deep - bullpen. Of course, we all know that Kline is out with a groin injury, and Tavarez is due to serve a maximum of 10 games over the hat incident. Getting Calero back will help the team deal with the loss of those two.

And then there is a certain left hander who should be added to the roster tomorrow...


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